On the Rooftops of Sevilla

On the Rooftops of Sevilla

Last week I have discovered my currently favourite place in Sevilla: the terrace from the rooftop of the building where we’re living. Lying in the sun all day long while reading or just sleeping is one of my new favourite activities (although I have to admit that I get bored really easily if there’s no sea to entertain me from time to time).

But I find it amazing to sunbathe in February and discovering the rooftop was an unexpected surprise. Yes, no more mixed thoughts about Sevilla – now that the weather started to pick up I decided I love it here.

Coming from a country where in February I usually have to wear a bunch of layers of clothing and make my way through huge piles of snow, wearing thin tights and a sleeveless shirt without feeling cold at all (on the contrary!) is definitely something new for me. And the sun was pleasantly warm, without being harsh at all, like they say it’s going to become in a couple of months. That’s why, no matter what, I have to take advantage of this amazing place – which is the rooftop – and enjoy the friendly sun as much as I can.

What about the view? I love it! It feels like the domestic activities of the locals take place on the rooftops and not on the streets: there are cute coffee tables with chairs, benches, plants, fancy canopies, even outdoor sofas and the always present laundry out to dry – for which I developed a mysterious passion (last time I was in Venice I have photographed every single narrow street full of laundry strings – I really don’t know why I find others’ laundry so fascinating, maybe because I feel it gives you an intimate insight into the lives of the owners and the community).

¡Dios mío!, how I’ve missed the sun! And yes, the only thing Sevilla lacks in my opinion is a sea or an ocean.

In the meanwhile, maybe buy an inflatable pool for our terrace?

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