Rushing around the leaning tower of Pisa

Rushing around the leaning tower of Pisa

I’m going to be honest with you: the famous leaning tower of Pisa was quite a disappointment.

We spent a very short time in this city, only a couple of hours, and half of it was wasted while giving turns around the old center in the search for a parking spot. By the way, here’s a piece of advice: there’s a parking about 5 minutes away from the main attraction of the center (on via Pasquale Galluppi) and it was only 60 eurocents/ hour, compared to parking on the street, further away from the center, where it can get up to 4 euros/ hour.

Seen from the car, the streets of Pisa carried my thoughts to old summer days spent in small beach towns, walking around in loud flip-flops and a colorful towel thrown on the shoulder, salty hair and sand on my feet. Don’t ask me why I had this feeling, as I couldn’t even get a glimpse of the sea!

Once arrived at the famous leaning tower, I felt suffocated by the hoards of tourists and all sorts of people trying to sell you useless things. I knew it was one of the overly touristic places, but man, I never imagined it like this! Do you know all these images mocking the people that pose in funny positions holding/ supporting/ kicking the tower? They’re all true, yet they can’t fully depict what’s actually happening there. You need a whole documentary for that!

And as beautiful as the tower’s architecture is, its only real quality that makes it so interesting and appealing is the fact it’s leaning.

Turn your back on the tower and focus on the cathedral, baptistery and the cloistered cemetery –  now these deserve your attention way more than the object of everyone’s holiday photo. Plus, there’s much less people around them, especially on the wide green lawn behind the baptistery – perfect place to chill out and admire the beautiful architecture.

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