Trulli-Lulli in Alberobello

Trulli-Lulli in Alberobello

The road from Polignano to Alberobello winds through endless olive groves with red soil. The half an hour journey by car is amazing in itself – but drive safely! The road is not very circulated, which translates into the occasional loco speeding mindlessly and cutting the curb.

Alberobello is one of the cutest towns I’ve every visited and definitely a must-see, with it’s fat-funny-looking housing called trulli. Can’t believe it used to be deserted until some trulli-aficionado began the revival process and transformation of this place into a touristy destination!

There’s not really much to do around here beside relaxing and getting lost around and in these cuties. Make sure you bring an empty card in your camera because this place is a feast for your photographic eye! We spent endless minutes liquor-tasting in one of them (and got out of there with a delicious cactus liquor); it was also funny to chat with the man in charge there, who kept telling us about his best friend who was a Romanian!

Oh, and I heard that Anna Wintour has her own trulli with a POOL! Let me know if you discover where it is (sadly we didn’t find out)!

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