Barcelona through a 50mm lens

Barcelona through a 50mm lens

Last week I spent one week in Barcelona, enjoying the warm autumn days around this amazing city while catching a terrible cold. The perks of pretending that if it’s warmer than back home, it’s perfect for t-shirts. Well, it’s not.

This was my first time ever when I went traveling with just my prime lens, the Canon 50mm f1.8. I was nervous about it, as I usually like to capture the whole scenery in my images. Turned out it was probably the best I could do!

Not only was I forced to think twice before snapping an image, but I loved taking advantage of the wide aperture this lens offered me! I set my camera mode on Av (Aperture Priority) and enjoyed the creative outlet I had in my hands. Plus, this trip I fully realized how much my traveling habits have changed over the years, how I’m not anymore into getting that perfect travel image of a popular spot and more into discovering new angles and details, how seeing everything is not a priority anymore and just chilling out and enjoying the place is THE thing to do. I spent one of the days simply lieing on the beach, listening to the sea and warming myself up like a bug in the November sun. It was pure bliss.

Now to more practical info, I would recommend you visit Sagrada Familia and one of Gaudi’s houses (I visited Batllo 3 years ago and really liked it) if you’re here for the first time. Monastir de Pedralbes is also a beautiful place worth your while and the Mies van der Rohe pavilion is a must if you’re an architecture aficionado. Otherwise, if you just have a few days to spend here, enjoy a long walk or a volleyball match on the beach, get lost on the streets of El Born (my favourite neighbourhood from the old area) or breathe the chaos on La Rambla. You can’t get bored in Barcelona!

Places to eat at:

At La Macchina I had some of the best pasta, comparable with the ones I enjoyed in Italy!

Santa Gloria has delicious pastry and coffee – tried them in 2 different locations and would definitely recommend them!

Something fast and on the run? Les Dues Sicilies have amazing pizza, for just 2€ a slice!

Pastel de nata! Rings any bells? It’s a traditional little bundle of sweetness and joy from Lisboa. I went nuts over them last year when visiting Portugal, so imagine my happiness of finding them here at Nata Lisboa! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit them personally, but a friend brought some home one day and they were just as good as I remembered them! A sweet bit of Portugal in the heart of Barcelona ♥

Otherwise, there are plenty of local bars, cafes, restaurants, many of them so beautifully designed that they’ll conquer your heart through your eyes instead of your stomach!

Do you have any favorite spots in Barcelona? Share them below!

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