Paradise on Earth: Tarifa

Paradise on Earth: Tarifa

I found my paradise on Earth!

Obviously, it’s on a beach.

In the southernmost point of Europe.

It’s a small old town, with whitewashed houses and red and yellow flowers, water and sky of the same saturated blue, white-yellowish sands.

The main streets from the core of this little town breath life at night and hide mystery at day.

The wind hits this place all time round and there’s a saying around here that the people living in Tarifa are going mad due to the permanent and extremely powerful wind.

But, despite the crazy wind that scratches your skin with tiny sand dust, there’s something I find incredibly fascinating about this place.

The incredible view of the African continent, the Moroccan coastline that seems to be so close that you can just take a short swim and reach it.

You really need a stone heart not to feel at least a little happiness when watching the amazing scenery.

And then there’s the kitesurf, the thing that brought me in the first place in Tarifa.

Went for a 2-day course to learn kitesurfing – just for the fun of it. And I fell in love, so I returned for a second time to continue learning and improving my skills. But I wish it didn’t end that fast.. Just when I was finally getting the hang of getting up on the board from the water and riding it a little bit before falling back in the water, time ran out and the class was over.

I want to go back. I loved kitesurfing and I want to learn it for real. I loved the town. The views. And the bar where I had my breakfast and my coffee every morning. The overall atmosphere. And the beach, full of kites resting, kites flying, newbies and pros, young and old. All ages meet here connected by the same passion.

How could any summer and beach lover not, at least, like this place?!

Take me back to Tarifa! ♥

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