A wealthy nest called Cannes

A wealthy nest called Cannes

Things are getting hectic back home with the beginning of my graduation year at university and the unwanted arrival of that moment in your life when you have a great palette of roads to choose in front of you and you have to pick only one. But you don’t know which one.

And it’s quite hurtful to look through the images from my Eurotrip, to select the best of those amazing memories from beautiful places. And how could it not be, when they’re all about long warm sunny days, sea and beach, wandering around and discovering new places, eating fresh veggies and fish, snapping breathtaking views, while right now I’m here in my room with a yellowish-grey view, the smell of shaworma and kebab coming from all those dirty fast food stands outdoors, with my bathing suit thrown somewhere in the back of the closet and the sun trying to fool me into believing that it’s more than 15 degrees outdoors.

Yup, it’s not easy at all getting used to my old place and schedule when all I want is to go back to those great places.

In Cannes we stopped for a walk on the promenade near the beach, on our way to Nice.

This was my first trip on the French Riviera and with Cannes as the first pit stop, I was amazed by the wealth of the place, the expensive hotels and boutiques, the ultra-expensive cars, the general smell of rich people that spend mindlessly. A little part of me wished to have the money to throw away on one of those hotel rooms with whatever-you-want-breakfast in bed, eat the house’s specialty at one of the restaurants with spectacular views and drive an expensive sport car that would make all heads turn. Now that I’m back home and I have distanced myself from all that, I think that all these things are worthless and don’t matter, but back there I got carried away by the atmosphere.

And to be honest, it was a good feeling, as it came packed with the sensation that you could do anything and be anyone you want in your life, you just have to start. Anything your mind can think of, you can be as successful as you want. Just start. Do something.

Who knows, maybe this time next year I’ll be blogging from Cannes, from one of those expensive hotel rooms while overlooking at the sea in front of me. And a cute pearly VW Beetle waiting for me right in front (yea, I would totally trade an expensive sport car for this little jewel).

Oh, and I was lucky to be there during a beauty & fashion photography exhibition, so I got the chance to see some really amazing and inspiring pieces exposed on the promenade!

Of course I also tried to keep an eye for meeting some movie stars, but I guess they were all either hanging around on their yachts or sleeping in their Egyptian cotton bed sheets. However, there was a little thing that disappointed me: the tourists. Again, I was expecting a luxurious city with fashionable people filling the streets, but what I mostly found on the streets was (wanna-be) rich people with no taste whatsoever, many of them even trying to stand out in any possible ridiculous way. The exceptions were few or they were hiding somewhere else. It’s so interesting how you picture a certain place based on sole assumptions, wild imagination, popular clichés and things the media pushes up your throat, only to get to that place yourself and have the whole picture shattered to pieces and completely reconstructed anew.

I even realised afterwards that there was too much kitsch there, mainly in the people’s way of behaving and dressing.

However, I’m really curious how’s the place during the film festival. Have you been? Let me know!

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