La dolce vita in Polignano

La dolce vita in Polignano

Back in September I had the chance to turn my work into something really fun, which includes traveling in amazing places and shooting with friends. My dear Mishuella & her husband put their trust in me to shoot their after wedding photos and for this we travelled all the way to Puglia. Best choice ever!

I can define the whole trip in 2 main words: FOOD and WINE. Although there was quite a lot of work involved in location scouting and the actual shooting (2 days!), it was incredibly relaxing. La vita e bella en Italia! I let myself indulge in tons of pasta with seafood accompanied by delicious wines. And I also snacked some pizza and gelato along the way. It was easy to notice in the fat cheeks and hips I brought back home.

The whole trip was a blast! Fun, sun, sea, snorkeling, food, wine.. and repeat. Honestly, I could have just stayed there forever!

How to get to Polignano. We landed in Bari and rented a car – which was the best choice ever. The price was more than affordable (around 120 euros/car/4 days, gas included) and we had the luxury to travel whenever and wherever we wanted. We only got time to visit Alberobello, Ostuni, Monopoli, Giovinazzo & Bari, but that’s ok, ’cause now I have a reason to go back and see more!

Staying in Polignano was the best thing we could’ve done. You’re not only close to many amazing places worth a visit, but the town is calmer and much more beautiful than Bari. I find it way better for a relaxing, fun holiday. You’ve got a lot to do here, the old town is very beautiful, plus the famous beach near the bridge is great for snorkeling. Also, if you’re lucky you might catch the Redbull diving competition (we arrived one day later), which is pure madness!

What I mostly loved in this area was the typical housing architecture, with the entrance right from the street into the core of the house. You could sneak peek all the time inside people’s kitchens & living rooms. And, in the evening, people (usually elderly) were bringing out their chairs on the street and gathering in front of the houses for a chit-chat.

Where to eat: we tried Neuro and Bella ‘Mbriana, both in the old center, in Piazza dell’Orologio. None of them are among the highest rated on Tripadvisor, but the prices are very affordable, the service was nice and the food was good. Also, we went twice at Pescaria, but I feel this one is way overrated. The sandwiches were fine, but I didn’t personally like the other specialties we tried. Try the octopus bruschette though, these are really good. Anyway, the town is stuffed with cute restaurants, you’ve got plenty of options to pick from (including places that serve raw food or even kitchens with Michelin stars).

Where to drinkCasa del Mojito, don’t miss it!

Where to stayApulia 70 Holiday is THE place to stay at. We discovered this accommodation out of pure luck, but it turned out to be perfect. Dani & Vito are the 2 brothers running this place and they’re extremely welcoming and attentive to your needs and wishes. Plus, the rooms are in a fabulous house with a lovely story behind! The bathrooms are shared, but given there are not many rooms in total, we never had any issues whatsoever. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Ever been to Polignano? Share your experience below!

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