Ljubljana, the city with the most beautiful name

Ljubljana, the city with the most beautiful name

I know you were wondering where I disappeared so suddenly and for such a long time. Luckily, I will enlighten you! 🙂

Long story short, sometime in June I officially became an architect graduate (yes, I’m so proud of it, even if in the last year I literally counted the days left until the end of university). No, I didn’t leave my photography passion, which is going stronger and a bit overwhelming – I lately said yes to way too many projects that I find hard to handle at the moment. I need a refreshing break to focus on something else and come back with renewed forces.

And somewhere in between graduation, summer holiday, work (there’s a time for everything, I’ll keep this for a future article) and photography, I squeezed in some well-deserved traveling (spoiler alert: photos & related articles coming soon!).

Which finally brings me to today’s main subject. First travel session of the holiday was a road trip through Hungary, Slovenia, Italy (mostly) and a bit of Croatia on the way back. And the first main pit stop along the way was the absolutely lovable capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

It was my second time there and loved it even more than the first. Deliciously sunny and warm summer day, perfect for walking around the old center, unashamedly sticking around tourist groups of elder Spanish people to freely absorb some knowledge from the guide,  losing track of time in vinyl shops (Kenny Rogers’ greatest hits ftw!), stopping to photograph cute windows, peeking inside pretty bars & cafes, strolling along the river banks.

There’s something about Ljubljana that makes you fall for it instantly. I can’t tell if it’s the architecture, the people, the rhythm of life or its pleasure-for-the-ears name, but it’s definitely one of these cities I’m looking forward to stepping on its streets again and discovering more, be it sunny, rainy or heavy snowing.

Ljubljana, hope to see you again soon! ♥

Have you been to Ljubljana? What did you like most about it? ♥

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