Wandering around Sibiu

Wandering around Sibiu

What’s up everyone?

Today’s article is going to feature a trip I took last week to Sibiu, this pearl in the heart of Romania. I’m sure that if you’ve heard about Romania, you’ve also heard about Transylvania and probably about Sibiu as well, which was 2007’s European Capital of Culture. This was my second visit to Sibiu, but this time I spent very little time in the heart of the city. Instead, we (3 architects-to-be) headed there to visit two nearby villages: Apoș and Alțîna. I’ve never really knew this area is so beautiful, I’ve mostly seen it just from images and never had the chance to take the time and wander around the more remote towns and villages. I’m glad I did it now, as I’ve discovered such great places (also ruins. I love ruins!) that I’m already planning a road trip through medieval Transylvania sometime soon! Plus, the sights and the landscape were even more breathtaking with all the pretty and vivid autumn colours.

Hope you like the images and make you want to take a trip yourself to discover those beauties in Romania. 🙂 Have you ever visited my beautiful country?

Sibiu, early in the morning:

On our way to the villages:



And a bit of the autumnish landscape somewhere between Sibiu & Deva:

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