The alluring Tuscany and the fascinating Siena

The alluring Tuscany and the fascinating Siena

From Firenze we took the curvy road to Siena along the tiny local villages and their endless vineyards, covering hills as far as the eyes could see.  It was cloudy, splashing raindrops now and then, yet we couldn’t stop making pit stops every 2-3 minutes, just to admire the beautiful changing scenery.

Man, have I fallen in love with Siena at first sight! Could it be the amazing pizza I had (so good that I went back and bought more)? Or its paved medieval streets with Gothic architecture? Or maybe the hustle & bustle from Piazza del Campo?

The correct answer is: all three of them and much more.

I needed less than 5 minutes in the old town to fall in love irremediably. Everything looks like a work of art, a fantastic place to wander and get lost on the streets, which seems to be my latest favourite activity. And all the delicious pizza flavours, the buzz on the winding streets, the neck-twisting architecture… Siena’s streets remind me a lot of Spain’s Toledo, just that I feel I like Siena so much more!

And most definitely it’s a city I will be going back to for sure. There’s so much I missed and so many things & places waiting to be discovered here!

Have any recommendations for Siena? Let me know! ♥

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