I found the softest beach ever in Alicante

I found the softest beach ever in Alicante

Hey, hey!

Hope you won’t hate me from posting yet another summery article in the middle of this freezing winter!

I had to share with you my photo diary from my trip to Alicante a few months ago! The reason we stopped by was due to following the East coast of Spain as much as possible from Cabo de Gata all the way to Valencia.

It was very difficult to find a proper and accessible accommodation in the area in September – it seems this area attracts plenty of tourism and, most notably, expensive tourism – if I can call it like that. We eventually found the cutest airbnb in El Che, a town I hadn’t even heard of before and took it without giving it any second thoughts – it was the best decision ever! The house was in a silent residential area, with a gorgeous garden and the owners were a cute elder couple – the lady of the house prepared for us the most delicious breakfasts we ever had at an accommodation.

El Che is a cute, silent town with a huge public palm park and located pretty close to the beach areas, but it’s not the main reason the area of Alicante stuck in my memory.

It was the beaches.

Not the town ones – because to be honest, most of the towns on the coast here disappointed me with large kitsch hotels and dirtiness.

But the rather secluded, further away ones.

We drove along this area of the coast and we literally wanted to stop every 50 metres because the views were absolutely breathtaking. We did end up stopping a few times and discovered my favourite beach ever (see the last 3 pictures)!

The feeling of parking the car, getting off, leaving your shoes and just straight heading barefoot to the sand a few meters away from you was priceless.

It was the finest sand I set my foot on, the gulf was hugged on either sides by gorgeous rock formations you could climb and enjoy the surrounding views from and, the best part, the beach was almost empty! Meters and meters of beach just for yourself and a few elder people soaking up the early morning sun.. pure bliss.

I’m craving for that feeling of liberty again, the feeling of not having a single care in the world, just laying on the soft sand and hearing the waves crash next to you…

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