Workation in Sitges

Workation in Sitges

Hola from Sitges!

We arrived in Barcelona almost 2 weeks ago and roamed the city every day for about 3 days to visit available rooms and apartments for the following months (I’ll be honest with you: haven’t felt such deep feelings of despair in a very long time! It’s the ultimate challenge to find a reasonable accommodation in Barcelona, especially if you’re a couple and especially if you arrive here at the beginning of summer… man, the things we’ve seen! Disgusting, insalubrious rooms for 600€ a month, bills not included. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!).

I can only imagine we were in luck, because right when I was thinking we should just give up and leave this city, we found a good place for a great price. But as it was going to be available only by the end of the month, we had to find a place to stay at in between.

Which is what we’re doing right now in Sitges! Leaving Barcelona to spend a while away in a relaxing environment was the best choice we could have made. It also turns out the days here are very productive – I was expecting the contrary due to the holiday vibes, but apparently I was wrong. I’m getting a lot of work done without feeling stressed out at all so this place certainly offers the perfect balance between work and vacation!

I’ll be writing a whole other article about how we got here and the fabulous accommodation we’re at – because it deserves a post itself. So until then, I’ll leave you with a few snaps from around town.


P.S. There’s blooming bougainvillea everywhere! I’m in love ❤️

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